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Middlebury Schools in China (B)
Beijing, China; Hangzhou, China; Kunming, China (Outgoing Program)
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The Middlebury School in China, in cooperation with CET Academic Programs, offers three study abroad locations—Beijing, Hangzhou, and Kunming. Challenging course work and the Language Pledge round out a highly immersive program for the serious student of Mandarin Chinese.

Internships are available at all three MiC locations. Internships abroad can enhance and strengthen your language skills, deepen your social immersion in a foreign culture, and provide in-depth experience in a work environment. Most are for 10-16 hours per week. Possibilities span a wide range of opportunities and vary from site to site, but generally include government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, the media, educational organizations, and the arts. Students in Beijing can pursue an internship in any semester. For students in Hangzhou and Kunming, these opportunities are available to students in their second semester of a full year abroad. 

Middlebury’s program in China offers students the rare opportunity to share double-room dormitory space with Chinese students. Every student is paired with a student from the host university. Chinese roommates are selected through an application process, and every effort is made to match Middlebury and Chinese students with compatible interests and habits.

See below for more information on these three program locations.
Middlebury School in Beijing
Located in China's capital and center for political, economic, and cultural life, the MiC Beijing program is designed for students with interests in political science, economics, and the arts. Students study at Capital Normal University (CNU), a national university that has hosted CET programs since 1982. With its central location and some of the most impressive facilities in the city, CNU offers an ideal home for students eager to explore Beijing. All students are required to take the One-on-One Tutorial and the Experience Beijing classes, as well as two electives.

As China's capital, Beijing is a large and vibrant city particularly marked by rapid economic growth. The city itself has grown tremendously and visitors and residents alike remark at its constant state of change and the contrast between the modern and the ancient.  It is also the center of Chinese cultural "action," and--since it is the capital--a place where politics is central.

MiC Beijing will take students on a week-long traveling seminar to Xi'an. The goal of this seminar is to explore the globalization of China through the sites of Xi'an; ancient origin of the Silk Road and center of the modern One Belt One Road initiative. Through interacting with locals, site visits, lectures, and discussions, students will consider Xi'an as a case study for China's political, economic, and historic globalization. This seminar is incorporated into the MiC program curriculum, and is led by MiC Beijing faculty members.

Student to student: F&M's
Paige Alexander '20 story about having the patience to overcome your struggles and watch your language ability grow.


Middlebury School in Hangzhou
MiC Hangzhou is the oldest site of the School in China and offers a broad-based curriculum in humanities, including history, art and literature, religious studies, foreign relations, and Chinese social issues. MiC students study at Zhejiang University of Technology (ZUT), located near the center of the city. ZUT enrolls approximately 15,000 Chinese students on its welcoming, vibrant campus. Students have the option to choose a semester or a full year of study. MiC Hangzhou students are required to take the one-on-one tutorial and the Hangzhou studies classes as well as two elective classes.

Hangzhou, known as the Garden City for the unusual quantity and quality of its parks and greenery, is the capital of Zhejiang province. Located just over 100 miles from Shanghai in eastern China,
Hangzhou has approximately seven million inhabitants and boasts at least 20 universities, an important emerging technology industry, and temples, pagodas, and museums acclaimed throughout China and the world. Additionally, beautiful West Lake, made famous in Chinese literature, offers a scenic respite from the activity of city life. With few international students and rich opportunities for cultural immersion, Hangzhou offers an ideal setting for Chinese language study.

Student to student: F&M's Teresa Chappell '16 story about arrival anxieties and learning to lean into the unknown with laughter.
Middlebury School in Kunming
The multi-ethnic city of Kunming attracts students interested in anthropology, social sciences, and environmental sciences. MiC Kunming students study at Yunnan University (YNU), which is centrally located in Kunming’s charming and bustling downtown area, adjacent to the Green Lake and its adjoining park. YNU is a historically and botanically rich enclave that provides an excellent backdrop for study and immersion. As a comprehensive university, YNU has programs in most academic disciplines but is particularly recognized for its departments of anthropology and environmental studies. All students are required to take the One-on-One Tutorial and the Kunming Impressions classes as well as two elective classes.

Located in Southwest China and close to several countries in Southeast Asia, Kunming is known as the "City of Eternal Spring". Kunming's parks--combined with the temperate climate of Southeast Asia--make it a very livable city with a strong "outdoor" culture. Kunming is very multicultural, clearly demonstrating the influences of the 26 different ethnic groups living in Yunnan Province. 

MiC Kunming will take students on a short excursion to rural Yunnan to pursue independent research topics and experience hands-on learning. Each semester’s destination for the excursion will be announced during the program orientation. One of the areas that students have previously gone to is Dali, a Bai minority autonomous prefecture nestled between one of Yunnan’s largest natural lakes and the 4000+ meter Cangshan mountain range. Students stayed in the historic Bai village of Xizhou and resided in a traditional merchant mansion historically linked to the Ancient Tea Horse Road. 

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