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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for Advanced Studies in England.

Summer Budget Sheet for Advanced Studies in England

Budget Item Internal
Summer Program Cost   $5,250.00
Estimated Meals   $320.00
Estimated Round-Trip Airfare   $900.00
Estimated Books & Supplies   $70.00
Estimated Additional Personal Expenses   $500.00
Total: $7,040.00
Summer Billing Policy
Students participating in off-campus study programs during the summer term will be billed for the full cost of the program by the program provider. Franklin & Marshall will not be involved in the billing process.

The total fee for Summer School 2016 is $5,250.00. This includes: accommodation; tuition; an all-inclusive field trip and three-day residential weekend in Cornwall; and tickets for all compulsory course-related visits.

For the ASE Theatre Summer School this includes: accommodation, tuition, a field trip to London, tickets for all compulsory course-related visits and an all-inclusive two-day residential trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Students are encouraged to search for and apply for scholarships for a summer off-campus study program. F&M may have limited funding opportunities through all-campus and departmental summer-travel awards. For more information about these awards, please visit the F&M off-campus study website. DIS may also have scholarships available for summer study -- students are encouraged to review the DIS website for more information.

(updated 5/2017)