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Want to make your off-campus study dreams a reality? 

wordle1Step One: Attend a Starting Points Meeting
All students who are planning to study off-campus must attend a Starting Points meeting. These meetings, led by the Off-Campus Study Ambassadors, will provide you with information about F&M policies for off-campus study, resources for searching for programs, and next steps for making off-campus study a key part of your education at F&M. Starting Points meetings are held every Monday at 4:30 pm and Tuesday at 11:30 am in the Joseph International Center (during the academic year). You're encouraged to attend a Starting Points meeting approximately one year in advance of the term you plan to be off-campus.

Step Two: Explore Off-Campus Study Programs and Policies
F&M has pre-approved over 200 different programs in more than 60 different locations during the summer, semester or academic year. Whether you want to take classes at a local university in Australia or improve your Spanish in Chile to conducting field research in India, each of F&M's pre-approved programs offer unique and challenging academic opportunities. You can search for pre-approved programs by area of study, language of instruction, program type or location here. 

For more information about off-campus study academic and financial policies, review the information under Planning for Off-Campus Study on the left. 

Step Three: Complete an Online Advising Application
Before you can meet with an off-campus study adviser, you will need to complete an online advising application. Click to begin one now (or click "start advising" on any off-campus study program page). As a part of your advising application, you'll be asked to share information about your academic background and your goals for off-campus study.

Step Four: Meet with an Off-Campus Study Adviser
All students interested in studying off-campus must meet with an off-campus study adviser. Remember, students must have completed an advising questionnaire and attended Starting Points before they meet with an off-campus study adviser. Each off-campus study adviser works with programs in particular locations. You should meet with the off-campus study adviser who works with the country where you are most interested in studying. You can find more information about off-campus study advisers here.

When meeting with an off-campus study adviser, you'll talk about your academic and long-range career goals, your goals for off-campus study, and the ways each off-campus study program offers unique cultural learning opportunities that can help you reach these goals.

Your off-campus study adviser will then help you start your program application and your off-campus study journey begins! 

Eligibility Requirements

In order to study off-campus, Franklin & Marshall requires that all students:
  • have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA,
  • have a plan to declare a major area of study before attending a semester-long program,
  • be making satisfactory academic progress,
  • demonstrate evidence of social maturity
It's also important to recognize that ultimately you may apply to a program that has additional eligibility requirements, including additional GPA requirements, previous language study, or course pre-requisites.

NOTE: students who do not meet required eligibility requirements or who want to study off-campus during their last semester at F&M will need to petition the Committee on Academic Standing. Students with questions about this should contact their off-campus study adviser.